Online gambling addiction symptoms and treatment

  • Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Online gambling addiction can affect you in many ways. But what do you mean by 'gambling addiction'? Simply this; spending too much time and money on gambling and losing out on life relationships. An excellent article on this topic can be found on

Online gambling addiction symptoms

The most obvious symptom is that you can't stop talking or thinking about your slots, strategies, wins, etc. You are always thinking about how to improve your gambling skills, strategies, etc. In the process, you lose your sense of time and space.

Spending excessive amounts of money on betting can also make you poorer financially. When there is no money left for gambling, you borrow it from your friends, and colleagues. If these loans are unpaid for a long time, your lenders will start avoiding you.

  • Online gambling if undertaken responsibly can be fun.
  • Online gambling can never replace a regular job.
  • Online gambling can never replace a regular job.

There are health implications as well. If you are losing most of the time, you might develop health complications like heart disease, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, etc. This indirectly increases your health bills because of doctor consultation costs, medical bills, etc.

How to cure gambling addiction?

You need to first accept that you are indeed suffering from this phenomenon. Therefore, the first stage is that of acceptance. Post this stage, find out the easier ways to cure your addiction. For instance, you can consider cutting down on your gambling time.

Making small goals

Make small goals that take your mind away from online gambling. For instance, you can consider watching a film over the weekend with your spouse, friend, etc. Another goal could be hiking in the countryside once the busy week is over.

Making yourself fitter

Gambling excessively can make you overweight. Avoid this situation by exercising thrice a week, and making your body burn your excess calories. Several studies have shown that regular exercise and happiness are closely connected with each other. Find other avenues of becoming happier.

  • Online gambling if undertaken responsibly can be fun.

Make time for social activities

Take out some time for mingling with your friends and colleagues. If there is a birthday party planned over the weekend, make sure you attend it. Speak with other guests and have fun. Divert your mind away from your casino for sometime; you will feel better.

Self-excluding casinos and addiction

There are several online casinos that let you exclude them for sometime. This can help you cure your gambling addiction for sometime. If you are spending too much time on casino A, turn it off in your search results to reclaim your life.